November 26, 2001
DiData profits down by 15% but expects to "weather the storm"

The much-anticipated full year results from Dimension Data for the year ended September 30, 2001 were released last week, and, although turnover from continuing operations (before acquisitions) grew from $1,9bn to $2,1bn, operating income from continuing operations plummeted from $210m to $134m.


  • World Online profitable, acquires
  • Softline revenue up 14% but EPS down

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  • Oracle 'Think Customers' set to simplify complex CRM strategies

    Oracle, in conjunction with HP, has introduced its 'Think Customers' marketing, sales and customer service education initiative, which the company is confident will simplify the often-complex topic of CRM.

    Think Customers is a series of free on-line events and live events, to be held in more than 40 cities worldwide.

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